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High Care/Nursing Homes
High Care is for older people who require ongoing professional nursing and personal care.

High Care facilities are sometimes referred to as aged care nursing homes and provide 24-hour aged care nursing and other support services, such as cooking, cleaning and washing for elderly people whose care needs cannot be met in Low Care facilities.

Low Care/Hostel
Low Care aged care is available for people who are capable of living with a degree of independence and require some support to manage daily tasks, but do not need full-time nursing. Services like cleaning, cooking and washing are provided at the facility as well as some personal care support.

Low Care aged care facilities aim to provide a well-maintained and home-like environment, supported by carers who can assess and address individual aged care needs.

Low Care is sometimes referred to as Hostel, or Assisted Living.

Ageing In Place
Some residential aged care services have been approved by the Commonwealth Government to offer both high and low aged care services for people within the same aged care facility. This means that it may be possible to stay at the facility, even if care needs increase, pending assessment of the resident’s individual aged care needs.

However, it is important to note that the safety of all aged care residents and staff is considered the main priority when assessing whether people can remain in the same residential aged care facility.

Please note that an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) assessment is required prior to entry into any residential aged care facility. To find your nearest ACAT Team visit their website.


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